Somerset History

 At present the public school located at Main and High Street has consisted of at least three different elementary buildings.  The first public school was constructed in 1876.  This public school provided elementary and secondary education to local students.  The building during this time consisted of about six total classrooms which were divided among two grade levels.  It also housed an assembly hall which was located on the second floor. 
    The second public school was constructed on the same site in the year of 1917.  This public school offered four years of high school.  Other area schools, included;  Holy Trinity which was only  a 3 year high school and Mt. Perry which was a two year high school.  Therefore, students who wished to obtain a four year high school degree transferred to Somerset High School.  This public school had the first graduating class exiting in the year of 1918.  During the summer of 1956, the Somerset-Reading School District joined with the neighboring towns of Glenford-Hopewell and Thornville to form what is now known as Northern Local Schools.  With this union the last known class to exit Somerset High School was the class of 1960.  However, it wasn't until 1970 that Sheridan was ready for students. 
    The third public school at this location consists now of the elementary know as Somerset Elementary.  This building was renovated or remodeled due to dilapidating conditions.  At present, our elementary houses 300+ students and consists of 3 kindergarten classrooms, 3 first grade classrooms, 2 second grade classrooms, 2 third grade classrooms, 2 fourth grade classrooms, and 2 fifth grade classrooms with Mr. Ed Wolfel as principal of the elementary



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