Superintendent's Message

Dear Generals,


The first grading period has come and gone and we are already well through our second one!  Time certainly flies once the school year is underway.  This fall has proven to be one filled with student and team accomplishments, as well as community and veteran recognitions.  In this edition of the General’s Dispatch you will read about those accomplishments and be treated to several pictures of each. 

Each issue of our newsletter is intended to bring our community up to speed on all of the wonderful activities and programs that our schools offer our students, and this edition is no different.  We have students that are earning college credit through our dual enrollment programs that save our families thousands of dollars in college tuition. These credits include vocational education, business and technology courses, as well as traditional academics such as English and Math courses.  We are blessed to have a teaching staff so willing to become credentialed to provide the credit to our students.


Our after-school clubs enable our students to investigate topics of interest.  Experiencing a variety of options as a student moves through our school district is one key component to becoming successful citizens after graduation.  Some students will have a better idea what their major may be as they move onto college, while others may find they will enjoy applying their knowledge to the local workforce immediately upon graduation.  Whichever pathway our students select, we are here to support and encourage them along the way.  Our main purpose as educators is to best prepare our students for success in their next pursuit and therefore when they are successful in that endeavor we all feel a sense of accomplishment.  Working together to provide the resources, support, and encouragement is the responsibility of all of us.


We all work so hard on a daily basis that we can sometimes forget the real enjoyment of the process revolves around our relationships with one another.  Taking the time to get to know one another and developing a relationship that is supportive and reflective is as important as learning the content and subject matter.  Our Northern family recently lost a young man, Tyler Sharpe, and it serves as a stark reminder of what is most important, our students.  Our community continues to humble me in the manner in which it responds to hardships and tragedy by bonding together to help one another.  Our thoughts and prayers continue for the Sharpe family as well as all our students and their families.  Thank you for being the type of community that we can all be proud to say we belong to.


Yours in Education,


Thomas Perkins



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