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     Sheridan Middle School Dance

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Sheridan Middle School Cheerleaders will sponsor a school dance on Friday, October 18, 2019.

The dance will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room from after school until 4:45 p.m.

The following outlines some important information about this dance.


1.  Tickets will be sold at lunch on Thursday and Friday. There will be no sales at the door.

2.  Tickets cost $4.00 per student.

3.  Only Sheridan Middle School students may attend.

4.  Students must make arrangements for going to the Dance prior to Dance Day. Students   are not

     allowed to have cell phones at the dance The office phones are not for use to make plans.

5.  Staff will chaperone the dance.

6.  Students will be released from their last  period classes to go to the multi-purpose room after the buses have left.

7.  Students must conform to the Student Dress Code.

8.  Students must obey the Student Code of Conduct.

9.  Pop and candy will be sold at the dance for $1.00 per item.

10.  Refreshments must be consumed at the tables  provided.

11. Students must have a pass from a Chaperone to use the restrooms.

12. Students are not permitted to leave the multi- purpose room until the dance has ended.

13. Students are not permitted to use pay phone until the dance has ended.

14. Students are to be picked up at the front of the building at 4:45 p.m.

15. Parents who would like to chaperone may contact the school at 743-1315.















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