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What it Means to be a General

Students on Being a General

School Technology


The Arts

After School Programs

Positivity Project

Northern Local Libraries

Agriculture Program

2019-2020 School Year Videos


2019-2020 Highlights Video

2020 Show Choir



Somerset NASA Project

2019-2020 Cheerleading

2019-2020 Marching Band

2019-2020 Volleyball

2019-2020 Soccer

2019-2020 Football

2018-2019 School Year Videos


2018-2019 Highlights

2018-2019 Track and Field

2018-2019 Prom

2018-2019 Baseball and Softball

Winter Sports and Events Recap

Drama: Treasure Island


2019 Show Choir

Groundhog Breakfast 


Basketball Feature

2018 Football Playoffs!

The Library: More Than Books

Milken Award Winner: Krista Trent


"Striving for That Greatness"

Sheridan Soccer

"Tonight Is Our Night!"

2017-2018 School Year Videos


Video Highlights: 2017-2018

Senior Talking About Parents

Track and Field: Heading to State

Sheridan Track and Field

Sheridan Softball

Spotlight on Drama

Sheridan Baseball

Sheridan Gymnastics

Show Choir: The Sheridan Spotlight

Sheridan Wrestling

Basketball Feature

Christmas Concerts

Adopt A Child

Veterans Day

Halloween at Northern Local

Bus Safety



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