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How to open your locker


6th grade students are encouraged to purchase a combination lock at the beginning of summer and practice throughout the summer (they will need a lock for P.E. class but not for the hallway lockers as they have a built in lock).  This will prepare them and ease the anxiety associated with learning how to open their lockers. 

Please use the “How to open you locker” below for assistance.  Good Luck and see you next year.



1. Turn the dial a few times to the right.

2. Stop at the first number of your combination___________.

3. Turn to the left, go past your second number______________once. 

    When you come to the number____________again, stop.

4. Turn to the right until you reach your third number__________________.


6.Push the black piece up.

7. Your locker should be open!  If it doesn't-TRY IT AGAIN!!


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